Member Listing

Current, paid members are listed below. If you cannot find your name, you will need to renew your member dues. Memberships expire one (1) year after registration and payment.

First Name Last Name Organization E-mail Membership Expires
Adrien Allen CorVel Corporation 2024-12-31
Ashley Badillo Oriental Trading Company 2024-12-31
Joanne Bartels CHI Health Company Care 2024-12-31
William Birkel McGrath North Mullin & Kratz PC LLO 2024-12-31
Celia Blizzard Omaha Steaks 2024-12-31
Sarah Boston MVP Law 2024-12-31
Tricia Browning Omaha Public Power District 2024-12-31
Keesha Bruce Advance Services, Inc. 2024-12-31
Julie Burger Travelers 2024-12-31
Chris Cameron Makovicka Physical Therapy 2024-12-31
Daniel Crowe Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital and TherapyPlus 2024-12-31
Phil Davidson Orthosource 2024-12-31
Sheila Evers Omaha Steaks 2024-12-31
Patricia Foral Lozier Corporation 2024-12-31
Duana Freeman UNICO Group 2024-12-31
Sheila Friedmeyer Nebraska Spine and Pain Center 2024-12-31
Diana Gaines Greater Omaha Packing 2024-12-31
James Glendening FNIC 2024-12-31
Michele Haller Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital 2024-12-31
Alyssa Hassenstab Miller Orthopedic Specialists 2024-12-31
Scott A. Holbrook Paulsen inc 2024-12-31
Nicole Jarvis Donegal Insurance Company 2024-12-31
Jeanette Jolkowski Risk Administration Services 2024-12-31
Cheri Lenhoff RAS 2024-12-31
Mindy Markey SFM Mutual Insurance Company 2024-12-31
Rocio Mejia-Gonzalez Omaha Steaks 2024-12-31
Kim Miller Lincoln Public Schools 2024-12-31
Diane Mortenson Corvel Corporation 2024-12-31
Dan Nelson NCCI 2024-12-31
Beth Oligmueller Nebraska Orthopaedic Center 2024-12-31
Andrew Portis AF Group, Inc. 2024-12-31
Rachel Raymond Lamson Dugan & Murray LLP 2024-12-31
Nikki Reeh Lincoln Surgical Hospital 2024-12-31
LaVonne Reineke-Wulf CHI Orthopedics 2024-12-31
Heath Richards TSL Company Holdings LTD 2024-12-31
Donald Rison McGrath North Mullin & Kratz PC LLO 2024-12-31
Sara Schroeder Athletico Physical Therapy 2024-12-31
Deborah Schuelke ForzaCare 2024-12-31
Brenda Sherman Triune Health Group 2024-12-31
Brennan Shively Merit Medical Evaluations 2024-12-31
Don Terry QLI 2024-12-31
Rachel Toland Eagle One 2024-12-31
Jessica Voelker MVP Law 2024-12-31
Rachel Warden Ag Processing Inc 2024-12-31
Jodi Zmiewski Baylor Evnen Wolfe & Tannehill LLP 2024-12-31