February 19th, 2020 Luncheon – $20.00


Wednesday February 19th, 2020
11:30am - 1:30pm

Anthony's Steakhouse - 7220 F Street, Omaha, NE

Presenter: Dallas Jones

Topic: Legislative Changes to Workers' Compensation...and Anything Else You Want to Know about Workers' Compensation

CEUs: Pending Approval


1. Review the legislative bills under consideration by the Nebraska Legislature during the 2020 session which relate to workers’ compensation;

2. Explain the genesis of each bill, why it was introduced, and what problems it is intended to solve;

3. Explain the intended and unintended consequences of each bill, and the challenges each will face in becoming law;

4. Review and discuss the most significant Appellate decisions of 2019 which impact Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Law, and

5. Answer any questions the attendees may have regarding Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Law.



Bio: Mr. Jones is Baylor Evnen's former Managing Partner and current Chair of the Workers' Compensation Practice Group. The focus of his practice is identifying innovative ways to enable employers to navigate the overlap of workers’ compensation claims and the myriad of employment laws that can create complications in the claims process. He has authored numerous articles in an effort to educate employers and claims handlers on how to limit the costs associated with employers’ workers’ compensation programs. Mr. Jones is a frequently-invited speaker, locally and nationally, regarding all aspects of workers’ compensation and the overlap of related employment laws.

Mr. Jones was raised in the rural Sandhills of Nebraska, where he worked with his father, a small-town carpenter. Through that experience, he gained an early appreciation of the impact that the workers’ compensation system has on Nebraska’s employers and employees. In an effort to improve and modernize the system so that Nebraska employers remain competitive and Nebraska employees are fairly compensated, he devotes substantial time working with other leaders in the workers’ compensation system to bring about Legislative and Court Rule changes.

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